But if Peter’s her real dad, could Kate be her mom??

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The fact that Colin O’Donoghue ships Hook and Emma SO hard is honestly the cutest fucking thing ever. 

I mean can you just look at this gif please? Is your OTP shipped THIS hard by one of the people actually IN it?


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we’ve been through so much


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Ok this has been bothering ever since I noticed it in another gifset. Look at Stiles. Look at him more closely. At first when I saw the episode I thought he was just freaking out because he couldn’t read and he needed to read to save Lydia’s leg in that moment. But no, look closer. He looks bloody traumatized. He almost looks like he’s about to go into a panic attack. And I never noticed this until I looked more closely, but Dylan is clearly putting a lot more emotion into this scene than what you’d expect. And that got me thinking -

What if he’s been through something like this before?

We still don’t know how Claudia died, but we know Stiles was there when it happened, and we know that when Stiles hallucinates he sees the Sheriff is drunk and claims that “[Stiles] killed her” - I’m guessing he’s heard that before. What if Claudia was on life support (or something of the like), and something went wrong and he needed to fix it so his mom wouldn’t die? I think it’s been said he was 8 when his mom died (correct me if I’m wrong), and even though kids can read at that age, they probably don’t understand instructions on medical machinery. If this is the case, then Stiles was in this exact situation before, and he failed.

I’m going to stop now before I spontaneously combust from feels.

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You’re too smart. When have you ever needed instructions? Stiles, you’re the one who always figures it out.”

“Because I think you look really beautiful when you cry”
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Stiles being an asshole over actual problems that are a huge struggle for people. I like Stiles, but lately I’ve been annoyed with how he’s been written. Poking fun at the kid who’s just been told he has a mental disorder isn’t funny, i don’t see how in any way that would be funny.

Or when Isaac spoke about abuse, which scars you forever by the way. Memories stay with you forever

after ethan says the twins were abused by their old pack:

it doesn’t make any sense to me that stiles would make comments like this.i always thought of him as a caring character. & he’s suffered mental illness recently why would he mock liam?

He’s always been like that, though. Like—okay, maybe you don’t like that aspect of his character and yes, there’s a lot of inconsistent writing, but this isn’t one of those things.

The thing is, the thing that I feel like a lot of people like to kind of ignore when it comes to Stiles, is he’s a little bit of a sociopath and maybe also a little bit of a psychopath. I don’t have a degree in psychology so I can’t really break down the difference between the two, especially since they have a lot of crossover, but I find it incredibly likely that Stiles has a combination of physical dysfunction in his brain and emotional-slash-mental trauma, most likely from his mother’s death and being in the room with her when it happened, that has completely skewed his ability to operate on a healthy, normal social level.

I truly and legitimately believe that Stiles has a fundamental difficulty, if not actual inability, to see other human beings as worthy of his empathy from the moment he meets them. I think he’s a misanthrope at heart, and mostly sees human beings as annoyances. He has to learn to care about each person individually. Not that he can’t or doesn’t care about some people, because he very clearly does, but he also has a pre-established tendency to cling very tightly to the people he does care about, very likely to an unhealthy level. Stiles doesn’t really do casual friends (most people do). He has very close friends or not at all. This is in part because he’s that guy. I hate to say it because he’s the fandom’s darling but Stiles is one hundred percent the guy who would give you creepy vibes if he went to your high school. He’s a publicly suspected criminal (felon? I haven’t looked up whether it’s a felony or not but I presume that kidnapping is a felony) with a restraint order against him, which we obviously saw Jackson didn’t mind mentioning at the drop of a hat. He looks at high glossy photos of graphic murders in the middle of Econ class.

Let me repeat that:

He looks at high glossy photos of graphic murders in the middle of class.

It isn’t that he doesn’t understand that these things violate social mores. He’s too smart for that. It’s that he doesn’t care. He has to learn to care with each new situation and each new individual. He often fakes caring because he knows Scott cares. Go back through the series and look at how many times Stiles does the right thing because Scott directly asked him to. Scott is Stiles’ conscience. I am fairly convinced in most situations, if Stiles has an internal conscience at all he simply doesn’t give a shit about it and stopped listening a long time ago.

He reacts to stress by running his mouth. When he’s in a high-stress situation, the first thing that goes is his give-a-damn about whether or not he’s hurting peoples’ feelings. He says what he thinks needs to be said, or what’s on his mind, and it occurs to him after he’s said it that maybe it was over the line. He even does this to Scott in the first season. The very first season, to his very best friend, one of the few people in the show we have been given reason to believe Stiles does legitimately care about.

Stiles makes these comments because he does not care that he’s hurting people or poking at old scars. He knows they’re effective because he shares those scars. It’s completely hypocritical of him, too, because I guarantee you if the tables were turned and someone was speaking in that way to him he’d take it badly. (Whether I think he’d shut down and collapse into himself or lash out violently depends on a lot of variables).

In short: he’s Sherlock Holmes, he’s not John Watson. He cares about very few people, deeply, and does things because they want him to, and he cares about solving puzzles for the sake of solving puzzles. He’s not an inherently caring character. Stiles has to work to care, and requires people to justify to him their worthiness of his caring, and yes, that’s a terrible thing for him to do.

bless you, this is so true. stiles is a fandom darling but i think people read too much FANON into him as opposed to seeing him in CANON light.

stiles cares for all about 4 people (pre-malia): scott, his dad, mama mccall, and lydia (whom he OBSESSED over and ANNOYED mind you!!!) that’s it. he cares about no one else. he’s always the one to suggest murdering people to solve the problem rather than think it out logically and humanely like scott. they’re polar opposites.

honestly, i love stiles, but i would not trust him as far i could throw him.

Thank youuuu. I don’t understand when people think Scott McCall is a mean and uncaring character and Stiles Stilinski is this loving and selfless character, when really it’s the other way around. Scott is someone who didn’t want to bite Stiles when he was possessed when they knew that would save him, merely because he didn’t have Stiles’ consent. While Stiles, on the other hand, if the roles were reversed, would bite his friend without a second thought because it was the answer to the solution. This doesn’t make Stiles heartless whatsoever, because he also said he wouldn’t care if he died if it meant no one else got killed because of him (and at this point the only people who had died were people Stiles could really care less about). If Stiles was truly and deeply “evil”, he would have welcomed the Nogitsune in a heartbeat. Which only proves he does care, at least for the few select friends in his life.

If you look past Stiles’ humor and that “he’s only kidding”, he usually isn’t. This is a kid who in the first episode (when he and Scott were maybe 15?) was dragging his best friend with asthma in the middle of the night to find a dead body. No 15 year olds do that. When you’re 15 and there’s a murderer lose in the night, you’re scared out of your mind that you’ll be the next dead body. This may be in part because Stiles is messed up from his mother’s death, and it might also be because he caused her death (when Sheriff alluded with the phrase “you killed her, and now you’re killing me”). Either way, Stiles is psychologically messed up. The Sherlock Holmes analogy is perfect, because he really is a high functioning sociopath. He doesn’t let emotions control his life, he uses logic. When you start thinking that way you don’t see people as people, you see them as information, and most people are useless information.

Stiles is one of my favorite characters because of his complex character - but don’t expect him to be the one to offer a shoulder to cry on, that’s Scott’s personality. Stiles is the kind of person to insult you but then later on help you with your problems. Stiles is thoroughly a Slytherin, and being a Slytherin as well I can understand how we can be perceived as heartless jerks. Slytherins aren’t willing to die for their friends, but they’ll certainly kill anyone who gets in their friends’ way. So while Stiles does care (at least concerning his close friends), it’s caring in a completely different fashion. But don’t expect him to care about people outside of those who are close to him, because at the end of the day, Stiles doesn’t give a darn about people and their problems.

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Teen Wolf 4x07 “Weaponized” Promo (1080p HD)

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"It’s my first time here. I wanted to come to - you know you don’t go to Comic Con without going down on the floor and seeing it all, and so the way I came up with doing that was Spider-Man." - Daniel Radcliffe at the 2014 SDCC

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No one’s spent more time in the woods of Beacon Hills than you.

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I’m lovin the theory going around that Malia is the daughter of Kate and Peter. I haven’t seen anyone make any visuals for the fandom so I made this for your pleasure. I got pictures of all of them smiling so you could better see the resemblance.

Seriously though. Casting.

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The idea sparked from this meta, and it got me thinking about Malia and Liam. In their analysis they mentioned how in the promotional picture of Malia, Stiles, Lydia, Scott, Kira, Derek, and Liam, it looked like Malia and Liam were both wearing the matched color scheme of pink and blue. Here’s the picture and I’ve edited it a bit to see the colors better, and with a closer look I think they’re wearing the same outfits they are in the pictures above, which means Shelly is wearing orange, not pink. Either way though, the pink and blue comment got me thinking, and especially the placement of Malia and Liam as being opposite in the promo and on the far edges of the group.

What if Malia and Liam are twins?

You might be thinking “well Malia’s a werecoyote, how would that even work?” According to this inside look, Liam is supposed to become Scott’s beta. Whether that means he’s a werewolf, a werecoyote, or a werecheetah (as Stiles likes to believe), we don’t yet know. But he’s obviously a were of some sort, otherwise he wouldn’t be Scott’s beta. 

Let’s also appreciate the names MALIA and LIAM. You know when you have those “twin names” that just go so well together like Ethan and Aiden or Anna and Emma or Madison and Mason? Malia and Liam practically scream that they’re twins just on the names alone. In the meta I mentioned, they even observed that Liam is close to being Malia spelled backwards. There’s so many parallels here.

Remember back in season 3B and the heavy influence on twins? We all thought it was going to refer to the Nogitsune and Stiles having some kind of connection where if you kill the Nogitsune you’d end up killing Stiles. There was also lots of twin connection with Ethan and Aidan in that season. Obviously this doesn’t tie to Malia and Liam per se, but it can be seen as crazy foreshadowing. I just see too much coincidence for so much talk about twins to happen right before the season where we learn more about Malia whom I have a hunch is Liam’s twin.

Oh and check this out. Let’s stick young!Peter (Michael Fjordbak) next to Liam (Dylan Sprayberry). See a resemblance? 


They look way too similar for the casting to be ignored in this theory. I doubt they cast a guy who looks so dang close to young!Peter and gave him a name so close to Malia to have it all be coincidence. 

Now you may be asking “what about their ages?” First off, we don’t really know anyone’s ages in this darn show. There’s speculation that Scott is supposed to be 16 maybe 17, Stiles and Lydia are 17 or 18, Derek is somewhere around 25, no one knows Peter’s age, and the list goes on. We don’t know their ages. We assume Malia is around 17 like the main characters, but nothing has been confirmed she’s in the same grade. She could be 16 or even 15 for all we know. Liam is supposed to be a freshman, which means logically he’s around 15, but again, he could be 16 for all we know. On top of all that, if Malia and Liam are twins, Malia could have aged differently than her brother because she was a coyote for 8 years. There’s just no way in knowing. So I’m not taking age too much into account merely because no one knows their ages and the coyote factor could change that.

Although this is somewhat of a tangent, if we go with the theory that Malia’s parents are Peter Hale and Kate Argent, how suiting is it that Malia has brown eyes like Kate and Liam has blue eyes like Peter? Malia also has the blonde hair like Kate, while Liam has the darker hair like Peter.

That’s all I’ve got to support this theory so far, but I’m liking it. Why would they throw a random kid who happens to be a were to be Scott’s beta and a regular cast member unless he was somehow tied to the main plot or existing characters? Even though she had some action in 3B, it’s also somewhat odd to throw Malia in as a main character, unless we’re going to learn a lot more about her. I’ve got a feeling we’re about to learn a lot more about both Malia and Liam.

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The Changeling 



My friend notenufcaffeine posted this image and did some break down on it. What caught my attention that I hadn’t noticed before was Malia and Liam- notice how their colors are basically reversed. Liam’s got blue with pink trim, Malia’s got pink with blue framing it.

She also caught how…

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I didn’t see anyone else talking about this, so I figured it was time to spring out my meta thinking cap. Basically, the benefactor isn’t tied to Allison or the Argents, but the Hales. And I’ve weeded out potential benefactors to the only ones that make sense. There are major spoilers for 4x06 Orphaned below the cut, so be aware.

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